Welcome to Silvercourt Dental Practice, Brownhills.

Dr Bashir Kassam and staff are very pleased to welcome you to our practice, where we offer a comprehensive range of dental treatment in a modern relaxed setting. We are a small team whose passion is dentistry and we have a very caring gentle attitude.

We welcome everyone from young children to nervous adults. Our goal is to make you proud of your smile and dental health.  New patients are welcome at our practice


Our aim is to reduce the level of dental treatment required by our patients.

To this end we will guide you to achieve a high standard of dental health.

Our Values are:

• To not extract teeth which could be saved.

• To carry out through diagnostic procedures to discover all the relevant facts.

• To explain clearly the treatment needed, its alternatives and the costs.

• To ensure that any treatment deals with the present condition whilst securing the long term results.

• To constantly update our knowledge and skills.

• To reduce pain and discomfort to the absolute minimum possible.

In addition we aim to:

• improve our patients’ appearance and thus their self –confidence and quality of life.
• Improve and maintain patients’ ability eat efficiently and comfortably.

In providing any of the care and treatment, we offer only one level of service: the best we are capable of.

All our services are provided in an open and friendly atmosphere so that everyone can feel relaxed about visits to us, even those who have a fear of visiting their dentist.

Your comments and questions on any aspect of our practice are always welcomed and we will be pleased to discuss your individual needs at anytime.