Comments from our patients:

“The atmosphere at the practice is both welcoming and friendly. Lovely smiles greet you on arrival  and help alleviate the obvious nervousness a visit to the dentist creates. I found Dr Kassam excellent at putting me at ease.

He was gentle and very considerate when performing the work on me , constantly informing me of what will happen next and checking if I am OK.

His skill and expertise go without question and he recently did major reconstructive work on all my veneers.

I am absolutely delighted with the outcome particularly as I can smile again .

I would unreservedly recommend Silvercourt Dental to anyone, particularly to those who always wanted to smile but were concerned about appearance. After many years of being embarrassed by my smile  I am so pleased that Dr Kassam and his team have managed to fulfill my wishes to smile without any worry.

I cannot stress enough what a wonderful, caring and attentive practice they are. They seem to go above and beyond the normal level of service expected in a dental practice. The whole team are friendly and approachable and I have recommended them to many of my friends.

After seeing some of my friends have cosmetic treatment and not being satisfied with the work, I was so glad to receive professional, high standard work from this surgery. All my friends are shocked at the difference in standards!

The team here is professional and looks out for your welfare. I would recommend this dental surgery for comfortable, friendly professional work. The service that I received was outstanding and I can now happily say:  “Thank you Dr Kassam and all your team. You have been so wonderful, very professional and very caring .
Thank you  – S Somani

“I have nothing but praise for Dr. Kassam and his staff for helping me through the perceived ordeal! Their qualities of kindness, helpfulness and genuine compassion shone through. I have no hesitation to recommend this team highly to anyone who is frightened of the dentist or suffering from anxiety or panic attacks” – Mr T. Q.

“I couldn’t have done it without you! You have given me a smile I have not had for years and confidence” – Mrs T.P.

“Thank you for having the time and caring nature, I have so much more confidence and smile a lot knowing my teeth look great” – Mrs T.P.

“Just to say a big THANK YOU for my lovely new smile! I am thrilled with my new teeth!” –Ms L.S.

“Your practice accepted me with a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere. I have no hesitation in recommending your practice. Very Professional.” – Mr J.J.

“I have always had complete confidence from day one and have never been disappointed” –Mrs P.S.

“Thank you for your kindness and care towards me, I feel a lot more relaxed now” – Mrs C.C

“I would like to personally thank Mr Kassam and all of his staff for the work they recently completed on my new front tooth Implant.

It really was no worse than the average crown, although of course more work was involved so more visits, occasionally longer, were required. Also it does entail a period when a denture is necessary while everything is healing and settling down … a reminder of what

would have been in store for me if I hadn’t have gone for the Implant.

Costing only about what you may pay for a 2nd hand car I now effectively have my own complete set of front teeth back without having to suffer one of those awful dentures.

I would certainly recommend Implants to anybody in a similar position to myself.” – Mr S.W

” When the bridge I had fitted to the upper right side of my mouth started to fail, I had it re-cemented

several times. Eventually, it became obvious that something more permanent needed to be done. I then

had a long and very informative discussion with my dentist, Mr. Kassam, about the various options

available to me. Not wanting to have removable dentures or a bridge fixed to my own teeth, I decided I

would prefer to have an implant which would be a 2 unit bridge. Following on from this, to help me

make an informed decision and because the treatment is long-term, Mr. Kassam wrote to me detailing

everything we had discussed so that I was fully aware of the procedure from start to finish, the timescale

and the cost of the whole treatment. Having read the document fully, I was happy to sign the consent letter for my treatment

I had already had what remained of myoid tooth and the root removed and my gum prepared for the

implant and this had healed up satisfactorily and I was now in a position to go ahead with my implant.

I am not usually nervous when visiting the dentist, but I must admit to a few flutters on the first pay of

my treatment, especially when I saw everyone in their surgical gowns, even though I had been told what

to expect. My dentist had given me some antibiotics to take the previous day and some pain killers

before I went in for my treatment and combined with the usual numbing injections, I was as ready as I

could be for the procedure to begin.

There were no other patients booked into the dentist that morning so I was prepared to be in the chair

for a few hours. I suppose the drilling into the jawbone was a little traumatic at first, but all the time Mr.

Kassam and his team were talking to me and asking if I was OK which helped to keep me calm. The

procedure of preparing the post and taking impressions, etc. caused me no problems and I can honestly

say that during the whole time, I felt nothing at all and it seemed no time before I was having a few

stitches and that part was all over. I was given a number of tablets to take over the next week and

advised to go home and rest. Over the next few hours I expected some discomfort or swelling, especially

when the numbness had worn off, but I had no problems at all. I was really quite amazed that I suffered

no after effects of the treatment, maybe I was just lucky, but I did take the medication and follow the

instructions I had been given and was very careful what I ate over the next week, having only soft foods

like scrambled egg, rice and pasta, etc. After a couple of weeks the stitches had all dissolved and all I

had to do then was wait a few months and hope that my gum would heal and the implant would be


After two months I returned to the dentist to check the procedure was going OK so far which it was.

Then followed another couple of visits to have the metal structure fitted and more impressions taken to

enable the bridge to be finished and then finally on 8 June 2011, I made my last visit to the dentist to

have my implant fitted. I had some slight adjustments made to the bite and was amazed at how natural

the bridge looked, it matched my own teeth perfectly. I can’t thank my dentist, Mr. Kassam, enough for

helping me decide to have the implant, I feel that by covering up the embarrassing gap that I had, he

has given me back my smile and providing I look after the implant properly, this was going to be a more

permanent solution than before.

It’s a couple of months now since I had my implant, I am eating normally and the bridge feels completely

natural, it’s easy to forget they are not my own teeth. I would highly recommend and urge anyone

considering an implant to go for it as my experience was certainly painless and trouble free.” Mrs P.G



Our practice is built on personal recommendations by our patients. We welcome new patients and hope you will recommend our practice to your friends and family.