The Silvercourt Membership Plan

We have introduced our own dental membership arrangements to reward and look after our patients who regularly visit the practice, and it costs just £12.34 per month.

Just look at what you can gain from becoming a member!


  • Every six months, our members are entitled to:
  • A dental appointment – including a clinical examination, a check for signs of oral cancer and routine x-rays.
  • A hygiene appointment – to provide a full clean of the teeth and gums and advice on how to keep your mouth healthy.


  • 15% on any laboratory based treatments required
  • 15% discount on any fillings
  • 15% discount on many other treatments
  • 15% discount on additional hygiene care

To compare the cost to private pay as you go fee’s, here’s how you could save!

Denplan Essentials Members  Private Pay As You Go
1st Examination Inclusive! £32
1st Hygiene Visit Inclusive! £43
2nd Examination Inclusive! £32
2nd Hygiene Visit Inclusive! £43
X-Ray (additional X-Ray are £9.00 each for Pay As You Go) £9
Monthly Payment £12.84
Annual Cost For Denplan (£12.84 x 12) £154.08 £159.00
PLUS 15% discount on further treatment!


  • Worldwide dental trauma insurance
  • Emergency call out insurance

For further terms and conditions, please ask to see our agreement form in practice.

Fee Guide for Dental Treatment

Our aim is to provide you with professional and expert dental care at realistic and competitive prices. The following is intended as a price guide to some of the treatments we offer. Treatments can vary in their complexity, as well as the materials, time and laboratories that are used. Please feel free to discuss your treatment with your Dentist. You will be given a printed estimate for your particular individual plan prior to the start of your treatment. We require payment at each visit and are happy to accept cash, cheque, Master Card /Visa.




Pay as you Go

Denplan Essentials

Member Price*

SAVINGS by Denplan Essentials Members
Consultation new patient £75.00
Consultation –Routine visit £34.00 Inclusive -2 per year
Small X ray each £9.00 Inclusive
Hygiene appointment including scale & polish £45.00 Inclusive-2 per year
Additional hygiene appointment (not covered on plan) £45.00 £38.25 £6.75
Periodontal (gum) treatment £152-£372 £129.20-£316.20 £22.80-£55.80
Silver Fillings:


£60.00 £51 £9.00
Medium £86.00 £73.10 £12.90
Large £114.00 £ 96.90 £17.10
White Fillings:


£89.00 £75.65 £13.35
Medium £99.00 £84.15 £14.85
 Large 2 surfaces £122.00 £103.70 £18.30
Large 3+ surfaces £144.00 £122.40 £21.60
Glass ionomer fillings £57.00 £48.45 £8.55
Root Canal treatment
Canine/incisor £210.00 £178.50 £31.50
Remolar £262.00 £222.70 £39.30
Molar £420.00 £357.00 £63.00
 Standard £96.00 £81.60 £14.40
 Complex £140.00 £119.00 £21.00
Sedation £192.00 £163.20 £28.80